Monday, December 7, 2009

Days that never ends...

Everyday, everytime,
Things came out,
Bothering the minds
Of the of the living-brained things
That god has created...

Everyday, everytime,
Such problems
Would easily appear
In humans life,
But hard to cope with...

Every single people
Would think, would try,
Would do anything
To solve such problems...

God will always test,
Every single human
That lives in this world,
Easy or hard, depends...

Most test that god created
Will make us remember him
Every single time,
The human breath...

Test that human could cope with,
God created,
Easy or hard, depend on people...

Days would never ends,
With every single test
That we have to solve
From time to time,

P/s: God will always test us, whether it is with good or bad type of test, just to mak us remember him...

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