Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Atoii ai.. Demam ar pulak...

Salam to all...

Last monday, I went for my STPM's Sejarah Malaysia&Asia's exam. You know, at that time, I'm sooo sick! Aisey, it really bothering me, man! I started demam since last night, where I thought that I wanted to stay up to study sejarah, but before that, I went to 'the bank to threw out my big money' thing (if you know what I mean, good for you! huhuhu...) You know what, I bleeded! Lots of blood came out while I'm doin' 'it'. Sakit siot! Aisey... then, I thougt that I wanted to stay studying, but suddenly, my body felt sooo damn tired, sakit2 badan dah start terasa... I tak tahan dah, I went out to my ruang tamu, grab my sweater and socks, then terus tido macam nenek tua... nasib baik sempat study (sket laa...).

The next day, I went for the exam. memang dah tak tahan dah, 2 bijik panadol dah I telan. sampai je kat perhimpunan masa nak cek suhu badan, well, that temperature reader can't read my exact suhu at that time. cheh... So, masa I nak start exam, again, my body started to feel tired. Eventhough I didn't sleep while I'm 'examing', I started mamai... penin2... Arrgh! Tah ape I tulis merapu pun I tak tau. Bile I read back my answer, mcm2 merapu. I erase balik my essay and made a new one. I did manage to answer all the question, but I went out early cos' I can't wait anymore. DAh tak tahan dah...

So, I straight went to my adik angkat(faizul's) house, and terus tido. I've planned to go to the clinic on that day, but faizul went back late. cheh... Then on that night my teacher a.k.a mama, Pn Norlaila and her 3 beautiful daughters (all university's student, siowt!) came. She told that I'm to tense about the exam(exactly!), same as what has happened to one of her daughters before. That's why I got my stupid fever! I ate 1 bijik of uphamol 500 and went back to sleep at 10pm. But hey, I woke up at 2.45 am, amd I felt the fever is gone! So ape lagi, I terus study P.Perniagaan 2 paper until 4am today. kikiki... best giler!

p/s: hope it will never happen again after this... CHEH!

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