Thursday, June 11, 2009

My opinion : MALAYSIA is GOING DOWN!!!

My mom once told me that she read an article from The Times magazine (forgot the date, sorry... it's along time ago...) about Penbangunan Malaysia, the world thinker said that the Pembangunan in Malaysia is just like a TIME BOMB, waiting to blow and destroying the country itself. I think it's true (totally true!).

We can see the truth by judging the one of the main thing that is important for upgrading Malaysia's status, that is the Economy. Nowadays, the economy is going down, right?

Tau tak pasal apa ekonomi Malaysia semakin merudum?

In my opinion, this thing happened because of one word:'UNTUNG'

People nowadays keep thinking about "I want to get rich faster!"/"Money is everything!"/" Create more buildings gains more money!" or anything that is about money. Some people may think that it's normal but for me, that is totally INSANE.

If the people, including all the Ministers themselves, doesn't think about money, I don't think that all of this would happened. For example, we could see that there are too many abandoned buildings in Malaysia such as houses, apartments, office buildings, and even shopping complexes. They have wasted lots of money for creating such buildings and I know, their mind have been set one thing : The more builings they built, the more people living/buying the place/building, the more profit they could get. But in the end, if there's luck, it's good, but if unlucky, opposite will happen.

Not even that, we could also see the truth by the people who's selling Nasi Lemak. Nak jual nasi lemak punya la mahal, kononnya nak untung lebih. But in the end, nobody's gonna buy cos' it's too expensive. Rugi kan?(contoh...)

Besides the economy, the word UNTUNG also effected the nature itself. Builidig lots of building brings harmness to the nature (cheh, cam catchy je bunyinyer...huhu...). Don't you see, nowadays, there are lots of building in Malaysia. Banyak bukit-bukau yang dah botak, lack of greenery, sebab nak bina bagunan yang ntah hape2 ntah (rumah la, ofis la, ape la)? Don't you feel that the oxygen in the world is getting low because of the word UNTUNG? What are they thinking? Can't they just stop thinking about money? They should stop making excuses like "We do this for the country." or "This is for the citizens in this country." because this word is destroying the nature in the country. The Malaysian Ministers should be aware about this. Diorang patut hentikan pembinaan bangunan yang terlampau dengan serta-merta sebab actually, they are the one who is destroying Malaysia and even the world. Even the penganjur also should stop this madness. They should think about the future of the nature in the world cos' for me, they are KILLING the future.

p/s: Stop thinking about UNTUNG/MONEY, for ONCE!!! Tolong buat fikirkan dahulu sebelum laksanakan sesuatu. Buatlah sesuatu pekerjaan itu dengan ikhlas(sincere), jujur, dan gunakan otak! Save Malaysia, Save the world!!!


Oxygen-Me said...

Huhu.. Someone is getting serious about politics-lah.. Huhu.. Takut! Kekekeke.. ;p

chiko90tuah said...

Oxy: actually, i've just talked about this with ibu yesterday. huhu... it is a total HOT TOPIC! lol;)

The government should know about this!

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

recently i heard on the radio said:the more they use petrol,more points they get and they decide to go to their neighbour house by car even its just across the road,so ridiculous

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