Sunday, June 28, 2009

Attention 2 All Bloggers / Readers

Hi korang.

I've created my second blog: If you guys hve any idea on what info should I put: celebrities/ musics/ movies/ latest news/ anything, whether it's in Bahasa Melayu or English, please leave your comment on the shoutbox provided in my blog ( any of my blog, blueshirtboy pun bleh/ theinfoidea pun bleh. sama je cos it is connected. ). Thanks 4 your cooperation and happy reading my blogs! TQ.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Introducing... -[ THE MASK OF FURIOUS 5 ]-



Haa... If you guys read the story " Hellish Nightmare Turns To Heaven Dreams " that I wrote before, I did mention about my dance group. So, I'm presenting you, The Mask Of Furious 5!


Name: Muhammad Haziq

Nickname : Chiko

Age: 19

Position: Founder/Dancer

Name- Mohd Yusof



Position-Lead Choreographer/Dancer

Name- Megat Zaim Syamim

Nickname- Megat/ Amim


Position- Dancer

Name: Mohd Hashim

Nickname: Hashim

Age: 16

Position : Dancer

Name: Megat Zaim Zhafir

Nickniame: Megat/Aper



-Best Performance for Teachers' Day Celebration 2009 ( Medley JaiHo+Pokerface )
-1st Dancing group ( Boys only ) have danced on the school stage, EVER!

p/s Giler ah... cam kenal je org yg jadi Fouder/pengasas tuh. sape la mamat yg ensem tuh? kuikuikui...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grease Lightning!

Grease (1978)
A Must SEE Movie!

This story is about musical love comedy which happened towards the students in Rydell High School. Best giler!!!

The main actors are John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John ( my favorite singer nih... )

Overall: Klaka giler, x kering gusi, Retro, romantic n lots of top chart songs!!!
The top songs in this movie:
Summer Nights
Hopelessly Devoted To You
Greased Lightning
You're The One That I Want

Mesti tengok!!!

p/s: If you want to see the trailer, find it on youtube, gerenti mesti bleh dpt punye!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Are you OK?

Answer this questions with you own heart. Stop cheating yourself cos' if you are, then it means that you are cheating on other people too ...

1. If you smile on the outside, but your heart does not, is that what you call OK?

2. If you be friends with people, but you hate them, is that what you call OK?

3. If you help somebody,but you are asking for return, is that what you call OK?

4. If you are sick, but you say to people that you are not, is that what you call OK?

5. If you fall in love on the outside, but in your heart, you already have someone else, is that what you call OK?

6. If you have not finished your homework/assignment, but you say that you did finished it, is that what you call OK?

7. If you are eating rice, but you say that you are eating Maggi Mee, is that what you call OK?

8. If you are watching Digimon, but you say that you are watching Ultraman, is that what you call OK?

9. If you have a chance to become good, but you still wanna be as bad as you can, is that what you call OK?

10. If your family love you, but you say they are not, is that what you call OK?


p/s: Are you REALLY OK!?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My opinion : MALAYSIA is GOING DOWN!!!

My mom once told me that she read an article from The Times magazine (forgot the date, sorry... it's along time ago...) about Penbangunan Malaysia, the world thinker said that the Pembangunan in Malaysia is just like a TIME BOMB, waiting to blow and destroying the country itself. I think it's true (totally true!).

We can see the truth by judging the one of the main thing that is important for upgrading Malaysia's status, that is the Economy. Nowadays, the economy is going down, right?

Tau tak pasal apa ekonomi Malaysia semakin merudum?

In my opinion, this thing happened because of one word:'UNTUNG'

People nowadays keep thinking about "I want to get rich faster!"/"Money is everything!"/" Create more buildings gains more money!" or anything that is about money. Some people may think that it's normal but for me, that is totally INSANE.

If the people, including all the Ministers themselves, doesn't think about money, I don't think that all of this would happened. For example, we could see that there are too many abandoned buildings in Malaysia such as houses, apartments, office buildings, and even shopping complexes. They have wasted lots of money for creating such buildings and I know, their mind have been set one thing : The more builings they built, the more people living/buying the place/building, the more profit they could get. But in the end, if there's luck, it's good, but if unlucky, opposite will happen.

Not even that, we could also see the truth by the people who's selling Nasi Lemak. Nak jual nasi lemak punya la mahal, kononnya nak untung lebih. But in the end, nobody's gonna buy cos' it's too expensive. Rugi kan?(contoh...)

Besides the economy, the word UNTUNG also effected the nature itself. Builidig lots of building brings harmness to the nature (cheh, cam catchy je bunyinyer...huhu...). Don't you see, nowadays, there are lots of building in Malaysia. Banyak bukit-bukau yang dah botak, lack of greenery, sebab nak bina bagunan yang ntah hape2 ntah (rumah la, ofis la, ape la)? Don't you feel that the oxygen in the world is getting low because of the word UNTUNG? What are they thinking? Can't they just stop thinking about money? They should stop making excuses like "We do this for the country." or "This is for the citizens in this country." because this word is destroying the nature in the country. The Malaysian Ministers should be aware about this. Diorang patut hentikan pembinaan bangunan yang terlampau dengan serta-merta sebab actually, they are the one who is destroying Malaysia and even the world. Even the penganjur also should stop this madness. They should think about the future of the nature in the world cos' for me, they are KILLING the future.

p/s: Stop thinking about UNTUNG/MONEY, for ONCE!!! Tolong buat fikirkan dahulu sebelum laksanakan sesuatu. Buatlah sesuatu pekerjaan itu dengan ikhlas(sincere), jujur, dan gunakan otak! Save Malaysia, Save the world!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Favourite SPOT!!! ;-]

Actually, bukan spot ape, it's my favourite spot in my bedroom! huhuhu...

Maklum la, orang x de meja kan, mini almari pun jadi-lah. I think, i would consider it as my mini-library! kikiki...

Well, the 'highest floor' the section where i LOVE to put my collections including my awards a.k.a BEST ACTOR for ENGLISH DRAMA COMPETITION for DISTRICT LEVEL(Form 5-2007), Bahasa Melayu's Public Speaking's(Form Lower 6-2008) and Bahasa Melayu's Sajak Competition(Form3-2005) , my late gramp's(belah ayah) stick(he was a policeman before), my blue BUM wristwatch, Malaysian Flag (Saya Anak Jati Malaysia!), my Garfield doormark, mugs, a mini teddy bear, pink Bunga Telor (Given by my GF masa his brother's wedding. I was her brother's pengapit! huhu), my guitar pick( If you can see, the red pick is my father's, and other 2 was presents by my 'BAIK-PUNYA-COUSIN' Oxy!(Thanks, gurl! The Taspinos Rulez), a no-batteried Casio Calculator, and others. I memang suka kumpul barang2 mcm nie. ahakz!
The 'second-floor' is the section where I like to put study books (as you can see, there's lots of History books a.k.a. Sejarah Malaysia, Sejarah Asia Tenggara+Timur+Barat, Sejarah Tamadun Dunia & Tamadun Islam, this is because, I LIKE TO LEARN HISTORY beginning from last year...), then, ada Dictionary a.k.a Kamus Dewan, Pengajian Perniagaan Paper 2 (The big green one...), motivation books, and revision books.
Form 6'ses must study 'smard' (Smart+Hard) cos' we just have 1 1/2 year only! After we've finished STPM, we all gonna move on to Degree Level! WOOOHOOO!

The 'Third-floor' is where I like to put my magazines (not ammo's or bullets, but book-type-magazines) and some storybooks. Ada majalah Maskulin (I am one of the BIG FANS), Klik (also a BIG FAN), Remaja, some books from Glenn Singleton such as Magic Tricks and 1001 Gross Jokes, Disney's Storybooks, Origami books, The Supernaturalist(Novel) and also the cute alien who took care of my book since then a.k.a CJ-7. ahakz!

The 'last-floor' is where I like to put most of the novels that my mom and I bought. Kitorang punya favourite novelist includes Jackie Collins, Zaifulzaman Ahmad, James Patterson, dan macam2 lagi(most of them makes Horror+Thriller novels). Both of us could be considered as Hantu Novel or 'Novel Fans' because both of us like to read novels (sooo MUUCCHH!!!) As you can see, we have stacks of novels, you know. We've read all of it but still, we keep read and read, cos' the story is sooooo coooollll....

The final spot, where I like to put my brother+me acoustic guitar. Well, both of us like to play guitar. Everytime if our family is having a gathering or picnic, kitorang mesti main guitar sampai kadang2 berebut2. huhuhu...
(Actually, this spot is not considered as the guitar spot because the guitar 'love' to 'walk' to other destinations in my house. lol ;-]...)

p/s: Dah x de keje, mlalut2 plak.... kikiki...

Monday, June 1, 2009


1.Apakah hubungan awak dengan dia?
Dia adalah junior saya di sekolah. Tak kira lah, selagi umur dia lebeh kurang dari saya, dia tetap junior saya. huhuhu...

2.5 impression terhadap dia?
e.pandai jaga secrets/choosy

3.Perkara yang paling memorable yang dia telah lakukan kat awak?
Entah lah. Banyak la. I think most of the thing that she'd done for me is memorable. kikiki ;-]

4. Perkara paling memorable yang dia kata kat awak?
Ape ek? Entah la, dia banyak cakap. lol;p

5. Kalau dia kekasih awak... awak akan...
HOOOOO!!! Cannot one, cos' she's my friend's sister. kikiki:P

6.Kalau dia jadi musuh awak, awak akan...
Win back her heart to be friend with me again. Yes!

7.Kalau dia kekasih awak, awak akan mintak dia improve dalam...
Nak improve ape ek, cos' right now, I fell like she's done everything good for herself. I think...

8. Kalau dia jadi musuh awak... mungkin kerana...
Saya gaduh ngan abang dia. huhuhu. But I will never gado with her bro cos' we just like brothers.

9. Overall impression tentang dia?
Dia boleh kahwin dengan sesape je sebab she's good in lots of things. lol ;p

10. The most desireble thing to do for her/him?
Protect her in school. Ye lah, she's my best friend's sister kan. huhu.

11. Apakah awak rasa tentang pandangan orang terhadap awak?
Entah. Kalau ok, ok lah. Kalau x, I'll try to improve myself.

12. The character of you for yourself?
Kuat mem'buzy'kan diri. huhuhu...

13. On contrary, the character that you hate about yourself?
Kuat terasa, touching. Buruk prangai nih...

14. The most ideal person you want to be with?
Ramai tak terkata. wakakaka...

15. For the people who likes you... tell something 4 them...
- 1st of all, tengkiu very much 4 liking me.
- Korang memang cool
- Korang memang best
- hope that god bless you all

16. Ten people you would tag?

p/s: baik punye counterattack! lol;]

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