Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Assalamu'alaikum to all.

"What's love got to do with it?"

I thought that I'm gonna leave the blog world. But it seems that I can't. I guess, blog is already in my blood. The longer that I took time to visit my blog to write something, the more that I keep thinking of what I'm gonna write. I have stories, but it just that I'm not sure whether I should post it in my blog wall. Pfffttt... what a lame excuse.

Oh ya, just want to remind to all readers, my writing will be such a super-rojak (Malay-English). Bear with me. Heh.

Through this year, I have been through lots of ups and downs, changing jobs since I have finished my studies, but hey, Alhamdulillah finally I am able to settle down with my current job as an English teacher at one of the private tahfiz school in Malaysia (can't tell the name. secret. haha.) Gaji, not much really. If you expected RM2.5k, A BIG MISTAKE. heh. Small pay (I mean it.), but the working environment is much, much better than my previous working place at a college. yeah, I was a lecturer before though.

If I want to compare my current life now with my previous life like last year, this year's better. Last year's a hell. I can tell. Feeling down like shit, being nearly dumped, making lotsa big mistakes. 

Only the people who knows my story, who have been here with me, who have entered my life and never leave, knows me. No need to explain further.

This year, different stories, different plots, more new characters, old characters now mostly are just subs. But the most important is: Me, my family, my love, and my best friend. These people are still being the major cast of the story of my life.

This year, Alhamdulillah, everything is getting back to normal (at least). It's hard to get this kind of life since the past. I have been striving so hard to get through all these emotions, episodes of my life, even until now. And I bet my striving will never ends.  

Even though sometimes, I just could not forgive myself for what I have done, and sometimes I tend to fall off the cliff again, but still, I can't give up easily. Giving up and letting my episodes miserable is not going to help me to go through my life. 

I just need to be happy. I just need to be a better self. I just need to be...

The adventures of being Muhammad Haziq bin Razali continues...


P/s: Trust Allah, Trust the process. I. Believe. Love. Courage. Imaan. Ikhlas.


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