Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Groovy Broadway Production PERSENTS...

Salam to all...

Fuh~ It's been a while since the last post. Hehe... sorry guys for keep you all waiting for my new
post (*cheh, perasan pulak. hehe~)...

Groovy Broadway Production Presenting...

For my final TESL foundation semester, I'm taking Introductory to Literature as one of my subject. As for the assignment for this subject, one of it was doing a play. My class was divided by two groups. So, as the director for my group, I suggested to do a musical play. Guess what, my group will going to act in Moulin Rouge. (hehe~ bangganyer~) Here's the summary of the story:

The year is 1899, and Christian, a young English writer, has come to Paris to follow the Bohemian revolution taking hold of the city's drug and prostitute infested underworld. And nowhere is the thrill of the underworld more alive than at the Moulin Rouge, a night club where the rich and poor men alike come to be entertained by the dancers, but things take a wicked turn for Christian as he starts a deadly love affair with the star courtesan of the club, Satine. But her affections are also coveted by the club's patron: the Duke. A dangerous love triangle ensues as Satine and Christian attempt to fight all odds to stay together but a force that not even love can conquer is taking its toll on Satine...

The script have been sent to my lecture; and she approved it. YAHOO!!! So, all my group need to do is just practice, practice, practice, and planning for the stage performance and settings.
(muahahahaha~ 3:D)

The show (maybe) will be held in the month of April. So, no time to lose!!! Wacchaaa~!

p.s: This might be the last time I'm doing the stage performance with my group, since I've planned to change to other government Universities. That's why I wanted to do something 'grand' for all of us. Hopefully, this will be one of my best and happy memories and experiences.

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