Monday, May 30, 2011

The Month Of May...

Assalamu'alaikum and A VERY2 GOOD DAY to all... =D

Well, again(shoot...=.=') it's been awhile since I updated my blog. Ada lah dalam 1 month (pergh... tahap berabuk dah tu. cheh~ =.=') hehe... Kali ni I nak story kat you all tentang one of my favourite month in this year: MAY...

Lot's of things happened in this month. I tell you all by "sequence" ye( chewah!X3 ):

1. Final (I mean, FINAL) exam for Foundation TESL.
- Well, kalau nak cerita pasal Final exam, semua orang nervous; including me. It started on 9th of May and ended on 11th of May in the evening. Well, the subject that I'm afraid to take that time was Phonology(OMG...o.O'). That paper was the last paper to be taken in the exam on the last day. I wasn't prepared enough 2 days before the paper day. But luckily, my friend gave me the tips to 'survive' the paper, which was the formula to memorize the Phonology's consonant tables and vowels diagramme. OMG, I felt SO LUCKY that time. I've concentrated on the memorization thingy on the night before the paper exam (Last minute study, I mean LIKE HELL. Padan muka aku. ohoho~ =.=) so, on the exam day, finally I was prepared (at least prepared enough for the exam. hehe...); and FINALLY, the exam paper was EASY for me (WooHooooo!!!!! XD). Okay, I DID IT! Yay! After the exam, all my friends felt relieved (fuh, lepas beban. hehe~). Memang BEST! Yang sedihnya, after exam tu, semua orang dah nak balik. So ada yang bergambar sakan semua, saying goodbyes from each other etc2, including me... sedih sebab nak say goodbyes. I hate goodbyes ( X'( ) tapi terpaksa sebab ada yang plan nak tukar universiti. I loved them so much already. Hurm...

Okay, enough of the sedih2 part. Two weeks later, the exam result keluar. Guess what? My pointer INCREASED! YAHOO! And my Phonology Paper PASSED. Yiehaa!!! Just like what I've expected. Alhamdulillah, Syukur to ALLAH for giving me the opportunity to survive the 4 exam papers. So, that's it for my Foundation TESL year. Goodbye Foundation, HELLO DEGREE! =D

- Haha! My birthday was actually on 13th May. But my friends want to celebrate my birthday earlier (on the night after the final exam finished). They were Nurani Atiqah, Aqilah, and Nur Hafizah (girlfriends. uiiiii~ ^_^). So, they took me for dinner, then to KARAOKE (melalak la aku. Aqilah belanja 12 lagu. hahahahaXD) ! We had a great time that night. ohoho~ Thanks, guys... Missed you all so much! X3

- On the night of my birthday which was on 13th May, again, my family brought me to KARAOKE!!!!!! Yiehaaa!!!! Actually, rupa2nya ada birthday suprise!!! Lagi la best! Yahuuu!!!! It was all planned by Abang Budy and his girlfriend. Thanks, guys!

- On Saturday, 15th May; My BESTEST COUSIN, Azrin Aidil (her blog: brought me and my fellow adiks-adiks cousins to the movies kat MidValley. Before that, all of us doesn't even know what movie that we gonna watch, sebab the ticket all Cik Azrin kita yang pegang (suprise konon. cheh...). Before we went to the movie, Azrin blanja all of us KFC! And again, ada birthday suprise! Hari tu, Kak Dik (Azrin's sister) an I punya birthday celebs. Kitorang celebrate ngan little cupcakes (I LOVE CUPCAKES, and SHE BROUGHT ME CUPCAKES. HEAVEN!!!!). Hihihi. Siap ada borthday present lagi. Present apa, secret... hehe... and then, lepas lunch, barula kitorang gerak tengok wayang. Rope2nye tengok citer kartun RIO. Best jugak cerita tuh. Thanks, Azrin! Love you very2 much, cousin! X)

So... takde la banyak sangat, actually. Hehe... But in this month, I had GREAT MOMENTS. All thanks to ALLAH, my family, my cousins, and my friends for make me happy all the time. THANK YOU!!!

p/s: I feel pretty, and witty, and bright... ^_^


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