Tuesday, April 14, 2009

-Slumdog Millionaire-

Uihh... best tau citer nih. Sometimes, it's quite disgusting because there's a part where ada budak terjun dalam kolam TAHI semata2 sebab nak jumpa dengan Amitabh Bachchan. GILO! Tapi best tau. Rugi kalau tak tengok.

Citer dia pasal there's a guy who were never went to any school to study, but he entered/participated in the WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE contest, and luckily, he answered until the second-last question, semua betul! Tapi, sadly, this host thought that this guy was cheating and this guy was sent to the police station because dia kena siasat whether he did cheat or not in order to continue answering the final question.

On the same time, this movie tell the story about this guy's background (Where does he come from, and all that stuff). Memang giler. It's also a romantic movie, where this guy has fallen in love with a lady who has follow this guy's journey.

kalau nak tau lebey lanjut about this movie, korang kena tengok sendiri la. Kui3...

p/s: Tengok tau, jangan tak tengok!

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