Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What is friends?
In my opinion, friends is someone that we know whether for a long time or just this instant. But when they becomes your BEST FRIENDS, for me, they are just like your family, your siblings. You went out with them together, have fun, chit-chatting, sharing secrets, gaduh-gaduh but then happy again, and so on.

But I don't quite understand one thing:
Why does when we love them so much, they will be like, sometime, they mock us for nothing, or maybe we just having fun jer, itu pun nak marah ker?

Kadang-kadang, when I think back, why should I be friend with someone that usually mock us?
Buang masa jer. But, when I think twice, siapa nak kawan orang macam diorang selain saya sendiri. Kesian jugak, tapi itulah masalahnya. Tak ada budi bahasa. Susah la nak kawan macam nie. Kalau orang lain, mesti dah jadi gaduh punya. I don't know about other people, tapi I'm not that kinda person. Insyaallah, I am a patience one. Sebab I sayang kat all my friends la I sabar. Kalau orang lain, most probably dah putus kawan dah.

And then, why must we hate eachother?
Dalam Islam, even our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) give forgiveness to his Ummat, but why can't us? Of course that we are not him, but we should follow his WAY. Forgive eachother eventhough you can't forget what has they done to you. It is better then revenging. Tak baik macam simpan dendam.

Other than that, why must we be RACIST or to 'sombong'@choosy?

For me, eventhough you are Malay, Indian, Chinese, black or white people, Prime Ministers' son/daughter, Kings' son/daughter, rich or poor, we still have the same blood colour, that is red. Why must we bring down eachother? We should unite in order to carry on our life together, an that makes our life colourful and happier. Who are we, to judge people? Only GOD could judge us. Maybe we could judge from the outside, but only GOD could judge from the inside (hati budi, etc...)

That's what happening nowadays. Stop being ego. Jangan cakap besar, sebab itu namanya RIAK/TAKBUR namanya. God hate that kind of people. Terlajak perahu boeh diundur, terlajak kata, ... . Kerana mulut badan binasa. We must always remember, only God is The Most Greatest of all. Everything that we have in this world, our success, the earth, the universe, all of it belongs to Him. Remember, who we are...

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