Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finally, It's Over!!!

For 15 weeks, Ive been waiting, To finish what I've start before.

Today is my last day of attending Rakan Muda Seni Budaya's Vocal, Guitar & Drum Class (I am the vocalist). Well, frankly speaking, today is the day that we need to perform onstage. Haiya...

First of all, it started quite badly, which means it happened like not what I've expected. The female lead singer came too late today ( after the show ends... haiya... ), my other backup singers does'nt memorize their lyrics, lots of out pitched, and lots more... For crying out loud, I felt terrible at that moment. Shish...

I don't want to tell the full story 'cos it's embarassing. Thank god that there are only few people who came to our 'gig' today. Frankly speaking, today's show was messed up. To tell the truth, boleh kata la, I am one of the savior for that day. Because of the other singer did quite bad, I did help them.

However, I can't just blame them because we don't have enough time to practice 'cos we only practice on Saturday within the 15 weeks (Itu pun dorg kejap dtg, kejap x dtg... cheh. Tu la diorg...)

But whatever it is, It ended nicely. We did singing duet with our teachers by singing Dan Sebenarnya(Yuna's) and Kasih (Hetty Koes Endang). Best giler, duet ngan Professional singer.
And then, my should-be-duet partner pun sampai. X kisah la, dia lewat pun, suara dia mantap giler! While the audience are enjoying their hi tea, we have entertained them with our favourite song that is Kaulah Segalanya (Broery Marantika). I'm soo happy!

Then, its time for us to makan, and our teachers continueing the band. Best and klaka giler! Kikiki!

Then, it's time for us to go back home. I'm staring to miss all of them, but we'll meet again at an occasion where I'm going to perform with them someday.

Well, that's my day. Thank you, teachers, thank you Rakan Muda Seni Budaya!

p/s: Missed them always...

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