Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Salam to all...
Today, I wanna share with all of you about the word: HONEST/JUJUR.

Here's the story:

"I had a friend, a best friend, a bosom friend. Well, we loved each other very much as friends. Cousins, to be exact. As far as I know, we cared for each other no matter what. We made a vow which was, "No matter what happen, no lies between us; We'll help each other. We trust each other".

But nowadays, times flies by, we grow up, seeking for experiences that we would go through each day. But then, it seems that it's getting hard for us to talk and share our secrets and stuffs. You said that we are best friends/cousin. I told my secrets to you. I believed you. I'm being honest to you. But how come I didn't feel that you did the same way as I did? Are you trying to hide something form me? What happened to you?

I once proud of you. You are a part of my inspiration all the time. But I'm not so sure about that anymore. I felt that you are actually lying to me. I felt that you are hiding the real truth. It's been a long time since you've been quiet; no stories, no news, nothing. I don't know if you realize, or if you really have the feelings that I expected, which is SORRY. But if you really do, please, be honest with me. I'm not gonna get angry or anything. I just wanted to know the truth. I wanted to help, but if you just be honest with me.

If you are reading this note, please, reconsider your action. I missed you. Don't let yourself down forever. You are strong, as far as I know. Please... Be Honest with me..."

From this story, we know that HONESTY is very, very important. You see, without honesty, people will loose faith in you. People do make mistakes, but the thing is, just be honest. We will try to give help. Just don't lie to us and especially yourself. Making people worry without any news or such is not honest. Think. Search your feelings deep inside your heart, then you'll know what is the real meaning of HONEST.

p/s: Shame on the people who are not being honest, but always forgive them and lead them to the right side.

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