Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seriously, I do...

Salam to all...

Seriously, I have no mood recently a.k.a mood swing. Frankly speaking, I'm being too emotional of what people said a.k.a talking shit about TESL. It just that, I put all my heart toward this course and suddenly, some people, like, 'cursing' a.k.a. perli2 on what I'm doing. I feel so down (obviously, truly). Why? Why do they have to say such things? What, do they think this is just a pranks or games? NO! It is not a game for me. I do forgive them but still, I don't know if they realize; why do I keep myself away from them. Urgh.. I feel so terrible... Macam orang tua pulak, kan? Nak touching2... I do realize that.

Seriously (again), I really do feel that I don't deserve to be with them. Well, I'm just a TESL student, right? Like 10:1; they're the '10', and I'm the '1'. I rather be a so-called emotional person because nowadays, I do think that people nowadays has no feelings towards other peoples' feelings. A 'rock-type' a.k.a don't-care-type heart, I presume. Ada lagi yang buat tanggapan "Ada aku kisah?" or "Aku peduli apa?" etc2. But in my opinion, these kinds of people is a so-called-bullshit type of people. Orang yang suka 'menjatuhkan' orang lain. Stupid, right? Whatever it is, I still forgive them for their 'stupidity'... I really hate to say all these things, but I just have to. Sorry guys, but I had enough already.

I don't know what to do or what to say anymore... Just, stop saying those craps anymore, k. I really love you guys, but please... please don't hurt my feelings by saying this shit anymore. If you have no good thing to say, you better keep your mouth shut. Because you will not only 'hurt' me, but others too, okay....

p/s: No offense, guys. Kalau terasa tu, sorry la ye. Mintak maaf, mintak ampun banyak2 kalau terkasar bahasa. But still, I have to express my feelings too, right. Sorry...=|

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